Spring 2016 Makeup

Prestige issue 271, February 2016

L.A. Sunrise Collection from Chanel


Sunrise Trip, Le Vernis. Nail Gloss not really blue, neither absolutely purple. © Chanel

Rouge Coco Shine. Mighty, exciting pink. Energy, intense raspberry. © Chanel

Vibrant, inspired by the dynamism of a city always shining, the collection L.A. Sunrise by Chanel is absolutely distinguished by color and brightness. The Creative Makeup Studio of the House sought to capture this flamboyance of color and the bursting energy of Californian mornings. For the complexion, color ribbons Sunkiss Ribbon intertwine in a rose color chart and mark the cheekbones with a strong emotion. The 4 shadows Beverly Hills give life to the look with vivid hues and Illusion D’Ombre shades give a steady gaze, intense, dazzling. Sunrise Trip, the unique Nail Gloss from the collection that expresses a brilliant creative bias as a California spring, shows a shiny «glossy» that sparkles under the rays as an enigmatic amethyst. On the lips, Rouge Coco Shine brightens the look in one gesture. Three vibrant hues of the continuous energy and permanent sun of Los Angeles. With the trio Stylo Waterproof Eye, the eyes are adorned with the West Coast energy. Ardent Purple, mascara Volume by Chanel bumper lashes with a hypnotic fringe. Its purple hue evokes the uniqueness of Californian artists.


Chanel Cube1082-V3-Final-CMYK
Moonlight Pink, beige pink Illusion D’Ombre, vibrates in infinite flicker. Griffith Green, the fiery green moiré golden glow, from Illusion D’Ombre. Ocean Light, the blue saturated with powerful pigments from Illusion D’Ombre. Copyright: Chanel
Chanel Cube467-Final-CMYK
The exclusive creation Sunkiss Ribbon provides a dazzling natural glow. Copyright: Chanel













Chanel Cube1206-Final-CMYK

Fountain Waterproof Eye. Fervent Blue, troubling blue. Purple Choc, deep purple. Pacific Green, green with golden reflections. © Chanel.

May Hariri

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