A new boutique concept in Beirut Souks

photo de group copy

Group Photo.

Elias Chedrawi inaugurated a boutique at Beirut Souks, with fashion items by Dany Atrache and Charlotte Richa, also pieces with high artistic value and August carpets to satisfy the most demanding tastes.



maria copy

Maria Nadim with Elias Chedrawi.

biba tarrab and linda hachem with stavro copy

Biba Tarrab and Linda Hachem with Stavro Jabra and Elias Chedrawi.














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View of the boutique.


hovik and lucy bikarian with fady and carine mardini copy

Hovig and Lucy Bikarian with Fady and Carine Mardini.

with virna chakardemian copy

Virna Chakardemian with Elias Chedrawi.











with cynthia sarkis copy

Elias Chedrawi with Cynthia Sarkis.

with elias abou samra copy

Elias Abou Samra and Elias Chedrawi.