Johnny Chaghouri and Nathalie Bassil in the cage of happiness

BLI 094002

Champagne and wedding cake in a magnificent setting.


Johnny Edmond Chaghouri and the pretty Nathalie Anis Bassil united their destinies with great joy and radiance. The religious ceremony took place in the church of Château Rweiss in the presence of Bishop Moussa Khoury, Metropolitan Elias Kfoury and Archimandrite Elias Habib. A beautiful wedding dinner followed in the magnificent setting of the castle bringing relatives and friends including many figures from the political, diplomatic, social and judicial world.


BLI 02958
Johnny, happy groom with his father consul Edmond, his mother Linda, his brother Emile and his sisters.
BLI 01124
Nathalie, the beautiful bride between her father Anis, her mother Hoda and her sisters.












BLI 03243
The parents entering the church.
BLI 03676
During the religious ceremony, with wedding witnesses Emile Chaghouri and Theresa Bassil-Asmar.












BLI 10401


BLI 08534

Views of the wonderful wedding party.

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