Azar Agha celebrates Nowruz with Randa Berri

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The New Year of the Persian calendar, Nowruz, is sacred to Azar Agha. Each year, she celebrates this occasion in pomp and Iranian traditions. In the honor of Randa Berri,  the charming Azar, respectful of customs, invited this year her many friends to share together an iranian lunch flavored with saffron and a thousand flavors, animated by beautiful melodies sung by a singer accompanied by his oud.



26 امل خياط
Azar Agha, Randa Berri and Amal Khayat.
Azar and Yasmina Agha.









21 امل ابراهيم + ديما بساتني
Amal Ibrahim, Dima Bassatni and Azar Agha.
19 لبنه عبيد + هلا عراجي
Azar Agha, Loubna Obeid and Hala Araji










On a beautiful table, are available for the Nowruz feast seven objects

whose name begins with S or Sin letter of the alphabet:

Sabzeh-wheat germ: rebirth. Samanou sweet-dough: abundance. Sir- garlic: medicine.

Senjed-dried jujube: love. SIB-apples: beauty, health. Somaq- sumac: sun, health.

Serkeh-vinegar: age, patience. Sonbol-hyacinth: spring. Sekkeh-pieces: prosperity, health.



12 عليا و اميمه بساتني
Alia and Oumayma Bassatni, Azar Agha and Laila Ajam.
17 رجا درويش + عفاف اسماعيل + فوزيه ابراهيم + رجا الصلح
Raja Darwish, Afaf Ismail, Azar Agha, Fawziyé Ibrahim and Raja Solh.










31 يمن كرامي +جيهان زهاوي
Yumen Karami and Jihane Zahawi.
18 منى الصلح + نونا مشنوق + هاديه غندور + مينو طياره
Mona Solh, Nouna Machnouk, Hadia Ghandour, Azar Agha and Minou Tabbara.

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