Report by Mireille Bridi Bouabjian

Love songs making little hearts beat

Composed of doctors and volunteers, Heartbeat, the nongovernmental organization that supports the treatment and follow-up of children with congenital heart diseases, differs from other humanitarian organizations by means of financing, based on funds raised through concerts animated by its members, music lovers. More than 1,200 children have been rescued so far. The mission continues. A gala concert dinner on April 22nd, a concert «Around the World», on the 23rd and 24th. A time of sharing and happiness for great hearts; capital and a vital input for small hearts…




Dr Jad Habib. © Archives Heartbeat

«Doctors musicians have decided to put their passion to serve the noble cause of Heartbeat.»

What is special about Heartbeat? Heartbeat is a humanitarian association that takes care of the medical and surgical treatment of children with congenital heart diseases. Funding for these operations is ensured through annual revenue from concerts held by Heartbeat, reason why this organization stands, in my opinion. It allows volunteers like me to contribute to this noble cause by means other than financial, in this case, a vocal performance, a concert, after which it will be possible to save a life.

What are your plans this year to carry out your action? Like every year, we are finalizing our annual concert, to be held for the second consecutive year in Biel on April 23rd and 24th, the concerts will be preceded by our gala dinner-show on April 22nd.

«Around the World» is the theme of the concert you are organizing this year … As the name suggests, «Around the World» is an opportunity for Heartbeat, to musically explore different countries and different continents, the time of a concert. I can not tell you more for the moment not to spoil the surprise, expect a mix of cultures, languages, dances, colors and costumes, in which everyone can find his happiness, so we hope!


Anne Sophie











Dr Anne-Sophie Azzi. © Archives Heartbeat

«Around the World is an opportunity for Heartbeat, to explore musically different continents during the time of a concert.»

What is the mission of Heartbeat? Heartbeat is a non-profit organization specializing in the treatment and follow-up of children with congenital heart defects. It was born through the efforts of doctors musicians, who decided to put their passion to this cause. After more than a decade of activity, Heartbeat continues to treat children with these defects, and most of the funding comes from concerts organized by the organization. Members of the committee of Heartbeat animate themselves the concert on stage (doctors, engineers, etc.)

You program this year a series of events … In order to ensure the financing, a number of activities are planned, the main ones being the big concert and gala dinner, as well as other spread over the year, including the Heartbeat Box (silver collection box distributed in schools, which teaches children about the cause and empowers them), and primary prevention activities in Lebanese regions, including one carried out this year in collaboration with a partner association (a heart for Philippe).

Details about «Around the World», the concert you are organizing this year … The theme of the big concert «Around the World». We travel from one country to another by playing the music of each country (ranging from classics to current major tubes). Lebanon will obviously be present and honored.

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