New Collections by SIN Sarakbi Nahas

Prestige issue 272, March 2016

7 قمر سلامه + هلا نحاس

Amar Sarakbi and Hala Nahas.


Exclusive Pop Up and cocktails at the launch of the new collection of luxury scarves SIN Sarakbi Nahas, held in The Glass House Beirut. Named «Contours» and «Riri X SIN», a collaboration in limited edition, these new, unique pieces tailored to the female and male wardrobe, made the happiness of many people.



1 نهله حداد + ساره نصيف
Nahla Haddad and Sarah Nassif.
11 اندريه سليمان + هلا نحاس + فادي بزري
André Sleiman, Hala Nahas and Fadi Bizri









2 منى شور + رجاء بسمه
Mona Shour and Rajaa Basma
16 قمر سلامه +عزام ناظر
Amar Sarakbi and Azzam Nazer









13 خلود رضى + طوني ابو غزاله
Tony Abou Ghazaly and Khouloud Réda
6 شرين مكارم + قمر سلامه + ريتا دحداح
Shirine Makarem, Amar Sarakbi and Rita Dahdah





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