Fadi Chedid

Prestige issue 274, May 2016

Talent, professionalism, enthusiasm and passion animate the beauty and image specialist Fadi chedid, who travels between Dubai, Beirut, Paris … With Hair lounges in Burj el Arab, Dubai, and Gemmayzeh Beirut, and a studio in the heart of the emirate where he takes care of the hair and makeup of international stars and models and above all, the ultimate, the image of the bride. His motto? A sophisticated and perfect natural look … His strengths? Research, technology and continuous training. During a stopover in Beirut, Fadi Chedid gave us these confidences.

«The hairstyle and make up are as important as the bride’s gown»




To each dress, a hairstyle, a makeup,  a sophisticated and glamour look.

The Fadi Chedid bride is cleverly coddled from head to feet. © Archives Fadi Chedid


How did you get into the world of hairdressing? I entered the world of hairstyling by accident. I was following law studies at university when I met by chance a painter who impressed and influenced me greatly. It was the click. After a year off, I changed my law studies with courses of hairstyle and makeup in renowned institutes in Paris and Germany. It was then that I discovered a fascinating job that combines art and technology, encompassing change, fashion, technique and performance … A profession entirely to my image. A world rich in art and discipline, and a promising industry in perpetual motion. Here’s how I made my entry, with love, in the field of hairdressing and beauty.

What are the highlights of your style? My job is as attractive for its artistic and technical aspect as for its innovative aspect. I attach great emphasis on innovation, which is my credo, but not on improvisation, which can be unfortunate. The job requires a long learning period, advanced technique, so that the result lives up to expectations. Regarding the makeup, it should be as discreet as natural. And for dyeing, the concentration is of prime importance. It’s a complete job. My style is mainly based on research, in terms of fashion trends, fashion designers, textiles. Twice a year, I travel to Europe for a serious follow up to learn and discover the latest techniques and innovations.

Do you follow trends? Even though I promote compliance and continuous training, I do not follow trends blindly, I prefer rather they fit the style and personality of each client to still get a result both natural and sophisticated. Why it is necessary to research and learn to choose the right products from the industry experts. A colorist is not a chemist. The specialist advice is essential.



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Fadi Chedid in Dubai in front of Burj el Arab. © Archives Fadi Chedid


What sets you apart from others? I appreciate and firmly believe in the uniqueness of the individual, its particularity. Each person is unique and distinct. So rather than imitate others and impose opinions, I prefer to draw inspiration from the client, to listen to her, to know her style, her way of life, before deciding.

What also inspires you? At the time of marriage, we are approached by wedding planners, to decide the hairstyle and image of the bride. The preparation requires a strong background because it is the best day of her life. In the studio, we conduct the study and communication, to set a style, a taste, a makeup. This is a research work which lasts three hours. I am inspired by the style of the wedding dress, romantic, vintage, diva, fantasy, etc. I also take into account the tastes of the bride, to give her a beautiful perfect picture. If we place a great interest in the search for the perfect wedding dress, you must also give equal importance to hairdressing and beauty treatment of the bride. And that is where my happiness lies.

You put a lot of heart into it. What, in your opinion, is the key to success? You must love and master the profession, but especially practice it properly to succeed. Success is the result of a good start.

Who are your favorite designers? Monique Lhullier, a true professional wedding guide, from A to Z. A woman working for women. Twigs & Honey for hair accessories.

What is your favorite sport? I love sport that I practice three times a week.

What is your favorite outfit? A black jacket over jeans, and the most beautiful mocassins in the world at the feet.

Elegance? Physical fitness which arouses admiration and respect for oneself and the  others.

What is your motto in life? Being increasingly zen…

Who are your heroes? All friendly people who helped and supported me emotionally and professionally.

What do you hate most of all? Rudeness.

What is your advice for young people? Follow your heart and preserve your reputation. A good name is also a golden belt. Interview conducted by Mireille Bridi Bouabjian



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