Double celebration on May 6 in Damour



At the first row of the audience: Members of parliament Elie Aoun and Mohammed Hajjar and representatives of Presidents Amine Gemayel, General Michel Aoun, MP Walid Joumblatt and the commander in chief of the army, the Order of the press, the Syndicate of editors and families of martyrs of the press in Damour, dignitaries and presidents of municipalities in the region.


The coastal town of Damour made no exception this year, commemorating the 6 of May like each year, the memory of the martyrs of the press who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of thinking. However this year the meeting took a double meaning. Since another occasion took place that day, the inauguration of the new building of the Municipality of Damour, rebuilt with the help of the American people through the Lebanese army in the presence of a large number of officials, among them representatives of the presidents Amine Gemayel and Michel Aoun, MP Walid Joumblatt and the commander in chief of the army, as well as dignitaries from the city and its surroundings. Several speeches were made for the occasion.



Esber Ghorayeb, Soumaya Akl, Philippe and Aziz Hitti, Me Jihad Akl, Marcelle Nadim, Me Charles Ghafari, Wadad Ghorayeb, Chaker Abou Abdallah and Elie Cordahi.
Wreaths on the commemorative monument by the Order of the Press, the municipality of Damour, the Hitti family, Akl family and Prestige.

















On behalf of the Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Youssef Sharaf inaugurating the new building of the Municipality of Damour, with him Mr. Charles Ghafari and minister Nagi Boustany.
Mr Charles Ghafari president of the municipality of Damour.














The national anthem and patriotic songs were interpreted by a troop of the Lebanese Army in front of the new municipality.
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Cutting the cake, Pr. Amine Kazzi, general Youssef Charaf, Chaker Abou Abdallah, Mr Charles Ghafari, member of Parliament Elie Aoun, minister Nagi Boustany, Philippe Hitti.

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