The Essentials

Prestige issue 274, May 2016

Six key pieces for a trendy Summer 2016 wardrobe

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Bomber Jacket

It’s been a few seasons that Bomber jacket has appeared in luxury couture houses. However, it will be this summer’s must piece in your wardrobe. At Elie Saab and Victoria Beckham it looks more feminized, but keeps its masculinity with Versus Versace.


La combipantalon


The Combipantalon

The jumpsuit is intended to be androgynous at Louis Vuitton, boho chic at Chloé or ultra feminine at Elie Saab and Iris Van Herpen. It can be worn loose and tight at the waist.


Le Diadème


The Tiara

The tiara isn’t anymore characteristic of royalty. With strass at Saint Laurent, gothic chic at Miu Miu or fantastic heroin at Louis Vuitton, the tiara is worn daily.


Dramatic earrings


Dramatic Earrings

While worn alone last season, the oversized and sculptural earring is worn in pairs this season. Double impact.





Mineral (Louis Vuitton), large (Balmain), rhinestone (Lanvin), or associated with a scarf (Dior), the choker necklace just beautify our neck this summer.


La chemise blanche


The White Shirt

The simplest things are often the best. And the white shirt is definitely part of the good things. Essential piece of any wardrobe.

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