Find the 20 trends Of the Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion

Prestige issue 274, May 2016


Fashion by Raschad Arabi


Prepare a place in your wardrobe

for a little sort of in and out


We are already in May, it’s time to prepare for the summer wardrobe. We have lifted the veil on what the fashion houses and designers presented on the market, for summer 2016 and are delighted to unveil the highlights of this season.



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The main inspiration for the spring-summer 2016 collections, is certainly the night. Tuxedos, evening gowns and especially long nightgowns, robes and pajamas shirts: the entire night cloakroom was revisited during the latest fashion shows. We will not forget the neo grunge Draws very eighties at Lanvin and more contemporary in Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton and back to the Victorian era of Erdem in London and Alexander McQueen in Paris. The perfecto, solid denim jackets with coats of arms, but also the wide fishnet top and jacket are essential items for this summer. As usual, we will find these trends in ways that we had already seen last season as the bohemian clothes, coming straight from the 70s cloakroom and remaining with us today.



Trends for spring-summer 2016

Unsurprisingly, printed floral print remains dominant for the summer season. Exotic Prints remain a safe value like at Kenzo and Paul & Joe. We noticed however tiles with Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney, regular stripes at Prada and Dior, eighties patterns at J. W. Anderson and Max Mara or leopard at Versus Versace.


The 20 trends of

Spring-Summer 2016

The denim dress and embroidered jeans: Back to the forefront of fashion, casual denim dress confirms the return of denim. Waisted or babydoll,  it comes in all styles. The bohemian embroidered and rural jeans is fantastic this year with multicolored embroidery or patches as highlighted by Marc Jacobs. A charming feminine detail. The pieces used for Patchwork effect: frilly, various fabrics, leather, studs, attention to detail prevails and creates a touch of fantasy on basic pieces. An ingenious way to revisit the classics.

The safari look: the curved combination popularized by Yves Saint Laurent in the sixties is back in force for a wild and stylish look. Saharan or khaki jacket, be the princess of the savannah.

White: everywhere, more than ever, the sleek and minimalist white invades every podium. The creators seem more than determined to advocate the return of simplicity: light shirt, classic little dress, white seems to fit for all occasions.


Louis Vuitton- pefecto- été 2016
© Louis Vuitton
Hermes- look blanc- été 2016
© Hermès

















Lace and mesh: the texture is the key word for this season. A romantic effect that gives dynamism to the outfits and brings a bohemian touch to an assumed Coachella spirit.

The 80s sleeves: exit the narrow bodies, up to the puffy sleeves and shoulders drawn back to the shoulder of the 80s. A retro silhouette that reminds us of the new look of Dior. Another element of the 80s, the sleeveless jacket: ideal ally to stay chic even in hot weather; long sleeveless jacket is a «statement» of the spring-summer 2016 season.

The perfecto: never really dated, the leather rock’n’roll black jacket is once again in your wardrobe. Sexy and comfortable, it wakes up the rebel in you.


l'effet metallisé- nuisette en robe -été 2016
© Archives Raschad Arabi



Emétal: forget the gold and make room for the metallic silver for evening outings. In baggy pants or shorts, it gives you a bling look and you’re ready to party.

Stripes in the marine style: favorite of Coco Chanel once, effortless BCBG and definitely too cute with a jeans, the marine shirt makes its comeback. A small ocean air blowing through your dressing room.

Neo costume: The bias buttoned jacket was seen at Max Mara and Mugler, for a sixties look that revisits the tuxedo with sophistication. A pearl to impress at work. Deconstructed, recut, very wide or very bent: neo suit of the 90s returns this summer in a new light, especially at DKNY and Givenchy, in a way to renew office outfit with style.



Hermès. Woman bags pouch «Musardine» in calfskin epsom and silk twill. Price: 4.099.000 LL. © Hermès.


Bra / crop top: bust strips off more with a simple bra worn under a blazer. It also can be seen worn over a shirt with long sleeves. Short pull at Michael Kors and Dior or single tank top cut at Alexander Wang, the crop top will denude our bellies this summer, no offense to the unconditional lovers of oversize shirt. When we say that 2016 will be the new 1996!

The one shoulder dress: relic of the 90s, the asymmetrical dress with one shoulder strap operates a comeback, especially at Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs or Giorgio Armani. Ideal for playing the femme fatale, especially when presented in red as seen at Elie Saab.

The sport spirit and mesh: the white sneakers and bombers were never as popular in the street. Pieces inspired by the sports locker room in general, now entirely supported to be part of the daily looks. If we love it or not, the mesh top will probably be part of the trend of the spring-summer 2016 fashion. Festive and exotic at Tommy Hilfiger, it looks grunge at Louis Vuitton. You still have to choose.

The Japanese touch: floral prints type of cherry blossoms, satin pajamas worn during the day like a kimono and silk profusely, Japan remains the darling of many designers. From these delicate landscapes and precious materials, we have a timeless source of inspiration. The kimono makes its comeback this summer, both long and short, but worn with a thin belt to structure the silhouette.

The Leopard print: day and night, it is the absolute feline touch of the season. A pattern that suits especially mini dresses, for a wildly sexy look in the urban jungle.

The Tutu: a breath of delicacy and dance reigns over fashion this season. In line with the return of lace, air ballerina tutu is also present. Refined and shifted at the same time, it transforms you in Carrie Bradshaw.

Flounced Spanish top: feminine and airy, flamenco top turns heads. It announces a spring full of poetry. For our summer evenings, we can dare the ruffle dress. The creators did not hesitate either to adorn their robes with flounces and other romantic details. The most bling-bling? That of Balmain, slinky from head to toe.


Balmain-volants- été 2016
© Balmain



The split skirt and dress: While this trend certainly concerns celebrities than us, poor mortals, the split dress and skirt are among the important trends of next summer. It’s simple, we have seen them everywhere, whether in New York, Milan, London or Paris.


Rayures et aspect vaporeux par Elie Saab - été 2016
© Elie Saab



The lingerie detail: A sensuality with these subtle details drawn from the intimate locker room to remind us of the baby dolls and lingerie on our every day clothes. Do you dare? Seen at Calvin Klein, Burberry or Celine, chemise comes back as a full dress. In silk or lace, black or white, it will be this season a highly desirable piece. Another night element that invites itself in our daily cloakroom: the pajama shirt. We like the model version «Dolce Vita» from Dolce & Gabbana.

The blue-white-red: the French or American way, patriotic colors in any case are popular this season. As Kenzo and Sonia Rykiel, follow the colorful winning trio!




Hermès. Woman sandals «Marine» in calf, buckle in palladium multico natural color. Price: 1.473.000LL. © Hermès


Vertical stripes: bayadère or rainbow sky, adorn yourself with colored XXL stripes from head to toe. For the daring ones who want to spread the good mood.

Just make a choice among these (more or less) new trends, or to mix them together this season to be of the super- fashionista kind!



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