Need to travel?

Prestige issue 274, May 2016

Report by Rita Saadé

A taste of summer

With the approach of summer, the need for a change to get away from everyday life is urgent. Many people prepare for their vacation trip months in advance. In order to give you ideas to choose a city, a beach, we asked Ghassan Rahbani as well as Pierre Rabbat, Roula Kehdi and Dalia Dagher about their favorite destinations and the best memories they keep from their travels.

Ghassan Rahbani 1


© Archives Ghassan Rahbani


Ghassan Rahbani

Singer, musician

Famous star in Lebanon, Ghassan Rahbani began to rock in the 80s. In the early 90s he began a musical career singing in Arabic and created the 4 Cats. It runs in the family since he comes from a family that contributed to the Lebanese artistic heritage.

Which country you mostly dream of and you would like to visit? There are several countries that make me dream and that I would like to visit again, such as Russia, Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The capital Prague has kept musically links with the classical era, Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, I also like the bookstores, books … I love Italy, its heritage, its modern history, the people, the Vatican, Venice, beauty, religion. I consider Italy as my second country. The people of the Netherlands is a Nordic people that exudes warmth, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful capitals with its rivers, canals…

Where do you like to spend your summer vacation? I like to spend my summer vacation in Lebanon. But if I have to travel, I would like to go to a tropical island with palm trees, sand … Since for a long time, we no longer find a clean sea in Lebanon.


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© Archives Ghassan Rahbani.

«I am impressed by Amsterdam.»


Tell us your best travel memories. I lived in France between 1989 and 1991 where I worked in a piano bar,  Avenue Montaigne. I have many memories, friendships, love stories. I consider Paris like Lebanon, as I would have liked to see it, organized. I also have a lot of memories in Los Angeles where I have a friend sound engineer and composer, we go out at night and we travel to Las Vegas. In 1984, I was very young, I have met stars like Lionel Richie, Bee Gees, Brooke Shields … In 2001, I met Joe Cocker in a recording studio in Hollywood.

Which city has impressed you mostly? I am impressed by Amsterdam, I find it magical, love the people, the general atmosphere, music stores, studios, art, operas … concerts.


Dalia Dagher

© Archives Dalia Dagher


Dalia Dagher

TV star

She became known through television, but she is also editor in a weekly. Besides her work as a journalist, Dalia Dagher is passionate about fashion, she often travels to Europe to choose clothes for her shop.

Which country you mostly dream of and you would like to visit? I have visited many countries, but I dream of «Maldives» Islands that are on the list of the most beautiful islands in the world, must see destination and I consider this as an ultimate paradise.

Where do you like to spend your summer vacation? During the holidays, what interests me is to enjoy peaceful moments, regardless of the country in which I am, maybe just in nature to relax.


«I like to sit in wild nature to relax.»


Tell us your best travel memories. For me, every trip is an opportunity to have a lot of memories, since I discover a new culture and different places. A nice memory that still makes me laugh, it was during a trip to Mykonos with my sister and my cousin, where we saw a donkey on a staircase, my cousin having a phobia of donkeys, we laughed a lot.

Which city has impressed you mostly? I have not finished discovering Paris as the French capital is rich in monuments, museums and other … This town has an artistic and cultural influence unmatched worldwide. It is also the world capital of fashion and luxury.


Pierre Rabbat

In San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. © Archives Pierre Rabbat


Pierre Rabbat

TV star

Pierre Rabbat is not to his first TV show. He has conducted five years ago «Min el Ekhir»  and now he animates «Menna W Jerr» inspired by the show «Touche pas à mon poste» broadcasted in France.

Which country you mostly dream of and you would like to visit? Cape Town the capital of South Africa for several reasons. I hear a lot about this country, only positive things! Whether the wild nature or the city center of Cape Town. They have a very good wine, very good meat, beautiful landscapes and beautiful nature. In short, you have to get in the adventure and discover all the facets of this country.

Where do you like to spend your summer vacation? In California, especially in Los Angeles! The sun is almost throughout the year, making the inhabitants very happy people, zen, with good humor and warm. In California there is great food and people dress well! One thing not to miss is the road trip along the coast through «California one road» linking Los Angeles to Big Sur, San Francisco and Napa Valley.

«New York is the most cosmopolitan city in my eyes.»

Tell us your best travel memories. If it’s to party: Miami, South Beach is the place where one is on the beach all the time. If it is to discover a new culture: South Korea which is a «self-sufficient» country. If it is to go in couple: Bali, known for its various massages and beaches where you can spend days in a heavenly environment. And if it is to see beautiful scenery and eat well: Florence with its lush greenery and scenery worth of a postcard.

Which city has impressed you mostly? New York! You may find my answer very classic! But everybody loves New York and New York impresses everyone! It is a city that never sleeps! We can go out without even bothering about the dress code; people are simple and happy! New York is the most cosmopolitan city in my eyes. We meet many people and we appreciate different cultures. You can go alone and never feel lonely (if you ever go into a café, you must be sure that you would never go out without making a lot of acquaintances). When it comes to business, I’m sure that if one has a good opportunity to work, he or she can make lots of money and advance rapidly on a personal and professional level.


Roula Kehdi

© Archives Roula Kehdi


Roula Kehdi

TV presenter

She became known by the public through her participation in the show «Min el Ekhir» with host Pierre Rabbat, she then hosted a fashion and accessories segment. Today, she is on MTV around the table of «Menna W Jerr».

Which country you mostly dream of and you would like to visit? I think it’s time to discover a different world, Brazil is on my list, a new culture to discover.

Where do you like to spend your summer vacation? This year I will travel to the Amalfi Coast for the summer. In general, each year I escape for a few days in Mykonos.

«I can not forget this dinner at Strainer restaurant overlooking the sea, in Portofino.»

Tell us your best travel memories. Each trip has its own memories and special moments, but I still succumbed to the charm of Portofino. It is magical. I am unable to forget this dinner at Strainer restaurant overlooking the sea, with pasta truffles on the menu and a jazz singer.

Which city has impressed you mostly? Paris, the most beautiful city in the world. Each trip, I feel like if I’m going for the first time…


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