Beautiful inauguration of «Retrieving Beirut»

Prestige issue 275, June 2016


9 ادم موتيز

Donna Maria Feghaly, the Brazilian ambassador to Lebanon Jorge Geraldo Kadri and Adam Motez.


«Retrieving Beirut», the engaged and collaborative art exhibition in Lebanon, was inaugurated at the gallery pop-up K-Timber, in Jisr el Wati, in the presence of personalities and art lovers. Launched by Donna Maria Feghaly, the initiative was organized in collaboration with Unilux and the Italian brand iGuzzini, in partnership with the Lebanese ministry of Economy and Commerce and the Brazilian embassy. Eleven Lebanese and international artists, established and emerging, share their visions and dreams through artistic installations, to highlight the country’s heritage and the beauty of its craftsmanship.



17 ريم ريحاني + ميسا نصور
Reem Rihani and Mayssa Nassour.
18 كاتيا نخله + نجلاء معتوق + طوني ابو غزاله + اميل عيسى
Katia Nakhlé, Donna Maria Feghaly, Najla Maatouk, Tony Abou Ghazaly and Emile Issa.











14 مايا و زينات
Maya and Zeenat Mukhi.











15 تينا ابو جوده + ليا بصيبص
Tina Abou Jaoudé and Léa Bsaibès.


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