RDCL celebrates its 30th anniversary

Prestige issue 276-277, July-August 2016


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Around the cake.


Organized under the patronage of Bank of Lebanon, RDCL chaired by Dr Fouad Zmokhol, offered a debate lunch with governor of the central bank, Riad Salamé at Four Seasons hotel to celebrate the thirty years of the union. An array of businessmen, financial actors, politicians, diplomats and media personalities and from the private sector participated to this event in a friendly and professional atmosphere listening with great interest to the advices of governor Salamé.



13 copy
Raphael Debbané, Fadi Fawaz, minister Alice Chaptini, Dr Fouad Zmokhol and minister Nabil de Freige.
10 copy
Fouad Makhzoumi, Dr Fouad Zmokhol, minister Ramzi Joreige and Arslane Sinno.











12 الاب شربل copy
Gaby Tamer, Roger Nasnas, Dr Fouad Zmokhol and RP Charbel.
19 محمد لمع copy
Pierre Achkar, Dr Fouad Zmokhol, Elias Aoun president of the Syndicate of editors and Mohamed Lamah.











29 copy
Abdallah Farhat, minister Ibrahim Najjar, Dr Fouad Zmokhol, HE Milagros Hernando, minister Ziad Baroud, Raed Charafeddine.
23 محمد صاصي copy
Antoine Sacy, minister Raymond Audi, Dr Fouad Zmokhol and Fouad Tabet.

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