Prestige issue 275, June 2016


Elie Moubarak

Elie Moubarak. © Elie Moubarak


Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your specialization?  I did some engineering studies and worked for some time in this area. However, I decided to stop my career there, I had an affinity for design, architecture and the environment. It must be said that design requires fundamental knowledge in all areas of creativity leading to the art, science and logic that converge to solve problems and create new solutions. We’ve put together several achievements, including party venues in Australia…

What is the work you have exhibited? A sculpture that I named «Light and Heavy», of which the biggest part consists of a curved column. Although strong, this architectural monument represents the permeability and flexibility of the Lebanese people, its ability to overcome problems. It expresses both fragility and strength.

Why do you participate in this exhibition? What is for you «Retrieving Beirut»? I’m of Lebanese origin. I was born and grew up in Australia, I have not experienced war. However I think the achievements of Lebanese designers have sprouted in antagonistic forces. This has a dual effect as long as these incredible achievements are recognized beyond its borders, although Lebanon does not really have resources like other countries. I strongly wish to participate in this expo.

Which of your works do you prefer? I love them all but my last project represents a plus for me because it reflects my personality, my work.

What is art for you?  Art has its form and method of communication, that is why it can still develop. It is a language in itself.

What are your future plans? We are way further in an interesting project for a house in Colombia.


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