Pomp and Splendor


The bride wore a sublime set of diamonds. © Archives Abughazaleh


The gardens of the sumptuous villa Abughazaleh at Faqra Club sparkled with a thousand lights, hosting the grand wedding of Tarek Maher Aboughazaleh and Nour Mahmoud Kanny. In a wonderful setting and  atmosphere, many guests have shared the happiness of the newlyweds Tarek and Nour, surrounded by their families and friends. The star Joe Ashkar and famous foreign troops animated this wonderful evening.


Nour surrounded by her family. Photo: Archives Abughazaleh
Tarek surrounded by his family. Photo: Archives Abughazaleh











Jihad Razian and Ayda Shawaf. Photo: Archives Abughazaleh
Joe Achkar dragged the guests to the dance floor. Photo: Archives Abughazaleh.








View of the setting. Photo: Archives Abughazaleh

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