Grand Dinner of Burhan and Doha Haidar in honor of Ayman and Greis


The happy young engaged couple Ayman and Greis.


On the occasion of the engagement of Ayman Sleiman Haidar and Greis Spahiu in London and to celebrate the happy event, Burhan and Doha Haidar, the fiancé’s  parents gave a banquet in their honor at Massabki hotel in Chtaura gathering a crowd of relatives and friends during a night animated by songs and traditional dabke.




Photo souvenir with Doha Haidar.

17 الساري جدعون + القنصل بلال و لورا قبلان + سميره جدعون

Burhan Haidar, Al Sari Gedeon, consul Bilal and Laura Kabalan, Samira Gedeon and Doha Haidar.












Hostesses wearing traditional costumes of Baalbeck.


The engaged couple dancing their first dabke.