Ziad and Dima Haddad Oriental dinner

ziad et dima haddad pierre et zeina khabbaz.
Ziad and Dima Haddad, Pierre and Zeina Khabbaz



Ziad and Dima Haddad offered an opulent and refined dinner in the marvelous setting of the illuminated garden of their residence in Chouwaya. Their friends enjoyed the oriental buffet lined with delicious Lebanese specialties where grilled mutton and other dishes awaited the guests, who shared moments of happiness in the company of the charming and friendly couple.



dima haddad et jana ashkar
Dima Haddad and Jana Ashkar.
rita hayek et abdallah rbeiz
Rita Hayek and Abdallah Rbeiz.

















jad et carine maalouf
Jad and Carine Maalouf.
roland et christele yammine
Roland and Christelle Yammine.

















farah najjar et adelle eliobits
Farah Najjar and Adelle Eliobits
nayla najjar et solange saade
Nayla Najjar and Solange Saade

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