Friendship and conviviality at the residence of Jean and Amale Bustros

amal et jean bustros
The charming hosts Amale and Jean Bustros.


Amale and Jean Bustros held two lunches in their ancient villa of Bois de Boulogne. Taking advantage of the summer and the beautiful greenery in their garden, the hosts invited their friends, VIPs and politicians to outdoor lunches during which they were able to share with them a delicious menu in the joy and good humor.



wafaa saab, mona hraoui, solange gemayel et amal bustros
The hostess Amale Bustros with Wafa Saab, Mouna Haraoui and Solange Gemayel.
amal bustros, ibrahim et marie rose najjar
And with minister Ibrahim and Marie Rose Najjar.











may abou adal et nevine boueiz
Nevine Bouez and May Abou Adal.
liliane menassa, zalfa hraoui et laura tabet
Liliane Menassa, Zalfa Haraoui and Laura Tabet.











Discussions between friends.
View of the lunch in the garden of the villa.

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