For which Municipal Council should we vote?

Prestige issue 275, June 2016





It seems that political parties are beginning to realize the importance of municipalities, after discarding them for a long time. They discover today the richness of some and the important role of their presidents. A mann from heaven, of which they intend to share the benefits. Moreover, it’s a demonstration of force to regain the parliament. But the question is what is the role of municipalities? By definition the municipal council represents the inhabitants of its region. It is the council that should examine their interests and the development of their environment. It is therefore evident that electors should be those who reside in the region. By paying their taxes to the municipality of their place of residence, they should also have the right to control its expenditure and be able then to sanction responsibles through their vote. In Lebanon, the inhabitants of one region don’t have the right to elect the municipal council of their place of residence, but only the municipal council of their place of birth. This law dating back to fifty years needs to be amended to authorize an equitable vote and prevent the abuse of power by certain municipal councils.                   MARCELLE NADIM

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