Bil Arabi celebrates ten years of success


Nadine Kanso. © Archives Nadine Kanso



During the Design Week taking place from October 24th till the 29th, the talented stylist Nadine Kanso will exhibit her photos and jewelry pieces conceived in a design that she particularly likes, drawn from her arab culture. Previously she exhibited her artistic treasures inside the group «Arabize Me» at the museum Victoria and Albert in London, at B21 Gallery in Dubai, a collection of portraits under the theme «Who I Am», representing arab figures. Her jewelry line Bil Arabi that shows her arab identity, unveils the art of a unique calligraphy that shows the talent of an accomplished artist. Nadine who cooperated with international brands, saw her works displayed at Christie’s, Bonhams and Philips De Purry. A sublime collection awaits the visitor.














© Archives Nadine Kanso

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