De Grisogono Displays Folies At the Antiques Biennial in Paris



© De Grisogono


1- White gold: 27.14g, 1 diamond cushion cut: 10.23ct, 18 blue sapphires square cut: 5.32ct, 60 blue sapphires: 0.22ct

319 diamonds with brilliant cut: 10.68 ct.

2- White gold: 12.25g. A rouded diamond with brilliant cut: 16.05ct. 16 emerald square cut: 3.20ct. 116 emeralds: 0.31ct. 412 diamonds with brilliant cut.

3- Rose gold: 9.71g, 1 rounded cut diamond: 14.18ct, 47 rubies briolette cut: 44.20 ct. 94 diamonds brilliant cut: 0.11ct. 365 rubies: 3.24ct



In the famous setting of Grand Palais in Paris, Fawaz Gruosi unveiled his folies collection, signed «De Grisogono», a jewelry brand renowned internationally. The sublime diamonds, of exuberant cuts and rare clarity, show the creativity of an artist who revolutionized the art of jewelry by his bold style. Introducing an innovative spirit, Fawaz Gruosi is the first jeweler to conceive a mix of stones and materials never seen before, to use and launch the black diamond, an enigmatic stone known under the name of «carbonado». His exhibition at Grand Palais revived, once more, the amazement of all the visitors.

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