The St. Louis Crystal illuminates downtown


Karine Guerin, Charles Hena, Alix Soler, Jerome de Lavergnolle, Dania and Fadel Ghandour.




Fadel Ghandour, Fedco’s president and Jérôme de Lavergnolle, president of St-Louis, invited to a reception to discover the new flamboyant space of the illustrious St-Louis crystal factory which exhibits a wide range of timeless or contemporary creations of tableware, decorations and lighting. Born in the XVIth century, the glassmaker St-Louis pursues the most advanced techniques of crystal coloring, hot forming, cold cutting, engraving of the most sophisticated designs, and gold decoration to make a crystal clear, sound and Luminous that makes his fame. This place sparkling with all its fires has aroused admiration and created enthusiasm among the 400 present guests.





Joe and Dana Moukarzel, Tala Baadarani, Dania and Fadel Ghandour.












Dania Ghandour and Dima Bassatny.
Fadi and Dana Sinno.

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