Alep, A Elles Eux Paix

Ammar Abd Rabbo signing his book.




Ammar Abd Rabbo signed on Thursday December 8 copies of his publication Alep A Elles Eux Paix at Ayyam Gallery Beirut. This new book by Paris-based Syrian artist and photojournalist is the first publication to document war-torn Aleppo, Alep, A Elles Eux Paix features recent photographs that record life in the devastated city, capturing the rarely-seen experiences of its besieged inhabitants. In compiling the book’s images, Abd Rabbo turned to a small group of friends—artists, writers, scholars and journalists—who each selected a work and provided written commentary. Consequently, in many ways the book is a collaborative effort between individuals who have personal and professional connections to the Syrian city.



Selection of two photographs:






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