Joanna Dahdah unveils her «Tarbouche» jewelry collection

Joanna Dahdah.




She chose the select restaurant, Liza, to exhibit her beautiful jewelry creations, a collection named «Tarbouche». Joanna, passionate about art, showed her talents as a designer with a modern and accomplished taste. Presented in an attractive setting, these small works of art, all flamboyant, illuminated the space and the eyes of the guests, delighted, who praised the refined work of the young Joanna.




Christina Trad, Louise Doumet and Tracy Moussi.
Pascale Sakr, Joanna Dahdah, Rita Ashqar, Nour Najem and Maria Nadim.












Joanna with Zeina Kassem and Mirna Kobrosli.
Joanna Dahdah, Ryna Boustani, Laura Dahdah, Ayla Boustani, Youmna Tamer and Nay Boustani.

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