Prestige issue 281-282, Dec. 2016-Jan. 2017


Their Success Story

Three sisters, one passion: jewelry. Maya, Meena and Zeenat, naturally followed their parents steps in the jewelry sphere. They talked to Prestige about their creations and experiences in that field and about their new flagship store in Beirut Downtown. Interview.



Meena, Zeenat and Maya Mukhi. © Archives Mukhi Sisters




Tell me how came the idea of founding Mukhi Sisters? It all started since I was a child, really. I grew up always telling my parents that one day I will have my own company. When I graduated from university, I started with a collection of bracelets that I used to display at Effys and at some local exhibitions and then in 2009 I shared my vision with my sisters, and I was happy to see Meena and Zeenat’s excitement. They immediately agreed to be part of it. And that is how it all started.

Chandru Mukhi, your father, is born in a prestigious linea of jewelers, could you tell us more… Yes, it all started in India with Neechamall in 1875… In the 1970s our grandfather and his brothers and families invested in businesses across the Middle East, from a bicycle shop in Aleppo, to jewelry shops, textile and art works in Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, Lybia, Dubai and Doha. They were also the agents of Baccarat, Mikimoto and they dealt with porcelain from the Far East back then. In 1982, our father opened Effys with our mother.

Your mother’s name, Effat Kreidiyeh, is also well known in the jewelry field. Is growing up in such an environment egged you on to follow in your parents tracks? Yes a lot. Growing up with both parents working in the same industry has played the biggest role, naturally. I spent half of my childhood in Hamra, at my grandfather’s store, I can still remember the smell of the incense and the vibes of old Beirut there… And the other half of my childhood I spent it at Effys, with mom, playing on her desk! So yes, it is in our genes. This is where we learned the most. This is where we acquired our experience and know- how.

What about your new flagship store in Beirut Downtown, about the concept, the decoration? We came up with the concept this summer. Our heritage means a lot to us, and growing up in this industry made our world a world of gems and jewels. Because this is a part of us, we felt like paying a tribute to our parents and forfathers and to continue, in our own way, what they started. We want to add something new to the retail experience of our clients and so we are opening our first Mukhi sisters concept store.

How do you depict Mukhi Sisters style? Luxury bohemian. Our style is very non pretentious, and we promote the idea of personal style.

Maya, Meena, Zeenat, how each of you, transmits her personal style to the brand? You will always find 3 collections at MS, each reflecting the personal style preference of each one of us, for example, Meena is the classy one, we have a collection named EverYours, after her. It is very romantic and each piece is made of 18ct gold and precious stones.

Tell us about your new collection. Reverie on the vine is the kiss of natural inspiration. The warm embrace of natural inspiration, Mukhi Sisters Reverie on the Vine collection exults the beauty of nature, capturing its rich shades of color and mystical energy. Evolving with the changing seasons it is simple, clean and timeless. Matt yellow gold, vibrant colors, rich greens, mirrors that reflect the soul, pearls for contrast, and motifs from nature (leaves, flowers, branches etc.) combine to sow the seeds of real character in earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and hair buckles. An especially glorious Beirut sunset inspired a design tribute that captures a real live moment in all its perfection. Each item is like an intimate, rejuvenating painting that imitates nature for the sake of art and yet it also tells a contemporary tale of reconnecting with something forgotten. Discover yourself through natural beauty.

What are your future plans? For now, locally, it is opening our concept store at the Municipality of Beirut Building. Our store is facing Vacheron Constantin, it is a beautiful street and we are inviting retailers with unique ideas to open on the same street.

Your advice to chose one’s jewel? Go for something that goes with your personality and always chose pieces that you are going to wear.

Do you have any message for our readers? Thank you for reading this interview, we hope you enjoyed it. See you soon at Mukhi Sisters. Conducted by MARIA NADIM

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