Tania Kassis sings with the Italian Marine’s Military in Taranto

Tania Kassis concert in Italy. © Tania Kassis




Tania Kassis interpreted many Christmas songs last week-end in Taranto Italy, accompanied at times by the «Chitaretarentum» ensemble (a group of 7 guitarists) and for the rest by the Italian Marine’s Military Brass Orchestra. The Taranto audience was very happy by her interpretation of «Buon Natale In Tutti Quanti» wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Italian.  A well deserved standing ovation left the audience mesmerized after her emotional Ave Maria which was repeated a second time at the end of the evening.




Photo souvenir with the Italian Marine. © Tania Kassis



«I am very happy to be back in Italy», she said, «In Lebanon there are 18 confessions. Pope John Paul II said that Lebanon is more than a country, it is a message of pluralism. In difficult times such as those we live now, it is important and fundamental to build a strong relationship between religions».

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