Birthday dinner of Splendora Beauty Care and launching of the book «I Speak Makeup»

Around the cake



Dinner and celebrations marked the 10th anniversary of the beauty institute Splendora Beauty Care, founded by Zeina Fadlallah who also signed that evening at the hotel Le Royal Dbayeh, her book «I Speak Makeup» elegantly designed by Samantha Fadlallah. Zeina was surrounded by a palette of friendly guests and her family, her husband Johnny Fadlallah, owner of L.I.P.S. Management, and her daughters Samantha and Cynthia.




Samantha, Zeina and Cynthia Fadlallah with guests.
Zeina Fadlallah with the Mannequins of the Makeup show hairdressed by Talal Tabbara, made up by SANE and dressed in a jumpsuit designed especially by Cynthia Fadlallah.












Eva Stephan, Zeina Fadlallah, Christelle Stephan and Johnny Fadlallah.
The founder of Splendora Beauty Care Zeina Fadlallah with her husband Johnny.

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