Chucrallah Fattouh, An international recognition

Prestige issue 281-282, Dec. 2016-Jan. 2017



Chucrallah Fattouh during one of his exhibitions. © Chucrallah Fattouh



He signed his book at Virgin


A great Lebanese artist, Chucrallah Fattouh whose talent is widely recognized, with an established reputation. «Bonhams», the famous and prestigious british auction house, has been exhibiting his artworks since 2015: his work entitled «3 Women» was sold at 9.375 pounds (14.800 dollars) on April 27, 2016 while «Diptyque» was acquired at the price of 7.500 pounds (9.600 dollars), on October 12 2016 during a «Bonhams» auction in London. A success, a notoriety surpassing our frontiers, that could have been predicted by the medal given by queen Elisabeth II of England to Chucrallah Fattouh at the end of his exhibition in 2006 at GCC Polo Cup of London. One can be aware of his great abilities while going through his «Momentum», a marvelously illustrated book that he signed at «Virgin» during the book show at Biel, this artist with a wide scope of 150 exhibitions worldwide has important and beautiful works of art. The book designed by Samar Nashawaty, printed by Raidy, traces the artistic path of Chucrallah Fattouh, capturing the multiple facets of his evolution through a rich series of photos of canvases sorted by subject, signed Nicolas Fattouh who is following the steps of his illustrious father.



At the book show, Chucrallah Fattouh with his wife Samia Basbous and their children Nicolas, Rebecca and Carine. © Chucrallah Fattouh



From «Allegro Nero» (a black on white) to «Fusion» (compositions) and «Vessels» (boats, marines) passing by «Figures» (women silhouettes), it’s a sincere and lively art, in movement and respectful, enchanting for the spirit and senses with lively colors or joyful black and this «abstract inside the tangible». His acrylics reveal his interior luminosity emanating from his natural goodness, simplicity and sensitivity. They are a tribute to life, human tenderness, the love of the woman and the mother, the poetry of nature and particularly of the blue sea that he contemplated during his childhood in Mounsef Jbeil where he was born six decades earlier, and his charming house of Héloué at the shore of turquoise water and white pebbles. Chucrallah Fattouh has brilliantly made the combination between color and form that are mixed together. If the colors seem to predominate in his abstract universe, they are somehow representative of the form and the movement articulated, structuring with a dazzling palette, plays of colors, a wonderful enthusiasm, a bursting imagination and surely this passion of the light and beauty. Dreamer, full of love, Chucrallah Fattouh says this sentence highlighted in his «Momentum»: «I paint to find the world I love. This is my passion. This is my life written in colors, lines and brush strokes». Beauty, nothing but beauty!



«3 Women» (Bonhams)

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