Splendid Equestrian Lunch of Jasmine Busson and Danièle de Picciotto

Danièle de Picciotto with Papou Lahoud Saadé, Jean and Amale Bustros




It is in the setting of her Equestrian Club in Beit Méry , that Jasmine Busson and her mother Danièle de Picciotto gave a nice lunch to their friends. Two hundred people accompanied by their children spent unique moments punctuated by a marching band, a parade of horses, a succulent oriental lunch, salmon with wood fire, kibbé bil jern … signed Souk el Akel, as well as beautiful animations that made the happiness of the young and old. That’s not all, the guests all left with their hands full of gifts: candles for adults and baskets of treats in the shape of a house signed Al Rifaï for the children.




Charles and Paula Noujaim, May Dib and Jasmine Busson
Mona Khoury, Danièle de Picciotto, Oumaya Lozi and Najib Salha











Cyril Karaoglan and Danièle de Picciotto
Antoine Nasrallah and Marianne Helou















Salmon on wood fire

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