The Annual dinner of Antaki Group

Christopher, Farid and Frederic Antaki




Antaki Group gave its annual dinner at L’Os restaurant in Aïn Saadé. Farid, Christopher and Frédéric Antaki wanted to gather their staff and their wives to express the appreciation for their team. Happy, the guests could taste a delicious menu and spend relaxing and friendly moments away from the requirements of their business.




Elie and Jihane Eid
Michel and May Nakhlé











Eddie Nehmé, Gisèle Ajjaka and Eliane Sayah
Christopher Antaki with Eliane and Layal Sayah and George Bou Doumit











George Farra, David, Rola and Elie Mallah
Charbel Issa and Perla Moutran











Fadi and Saline Ayoub
Ahmad Basha and Mona Mekdad



















During the dinner

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