The Hemophilia Awareness Fundraising dinner

Pianist Guy Manoukian




The Lebanese Association for Hemophilia, in collaboration with Longwing Butterfly Association, organized a fundraising dinner at the Legend Nahr El Kalb.

In the presence of Deputy Prime Minister, minister of Health Ghassan Hasbani and an array of personalities from the media and political scenes, along with professors from the United Kingdom who gave speeches on Hemophilia.

An entertainment program with Guy Manoukian and his band, child George Mrad, Eliane Saadeh and Teddy Nasr overwhelmed the guests in a musical and friendly atmosphere.




Ray Eid, Denise Tawk
Minister of Health and Mrs Hasbani, Michel Murr and Nayla Moawad











Mrs and Mr Michel Murr, minister Melhem Riachi and Solange Khoury
Michel Moawad, Nakhlé Odaimi and deputy Ahmad Fatfat











Aya el Mir, Suzanne Hobeiche and Roudayna Arab
Corinne Achkar and Alia Boustany











Elie and Elissa Demiati.
Mireille Eid and Poussy Achkar

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