Massaya Exhibition at Exode Gallery

Vernissage Maaiki at Gallery Exode. © Exode




Gallery Exode Achrafieh exhibits 35 acrylic paintings selected from the artworks of painter Michel Maaiki. Color is everywhere, colors that remind the painter of his childhood. From February 9 until February 22 2017.




Miss Michelle-Nay Maaiki and painter Michel Maaiki. © Exode
Henri Zgheib, minister Rony Araiji and Michel Maaiki. © Exode











Samir and Eva Abi Rached, Skandar Dagher, Souleima and Ibrahim Zod © Exode
Cynthia Sassine, Talal Haidar, Christiane Ghostine, Rifaat Tarabay. © Exode











Gisele Costantine, Michel Maaiki and Abir Charara. © Exode
Samar Mezher, Joseph and Aline Faloughi. © Exode











Michel Maaiki and Elsa Ghssoub. © Exode
Michel Maaiki with a visitor. © Exode

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