SkinCeuticals unveils H.A. Intensifier, the new multi-function corrector serum

Eva Choueiri, Dr Paul Audi, Rosarita Tawil and Dr Firas Al-Niaimi




SkinCeuticals, a leader in advanced skin care technology, launched during a brunch at the clinic of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Audi in Badaro, in collaboration with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi , specially invited from London, the new revolutionary corrector serum, HA Intensifier. Presented to the press and VIP patients, the new anti-aging booster plumps the skin, promotes firmness, density and softness, and corrects the signs of age resulting from decline and the rapid degradation of naturally produced hyaluronic acid in the skin.




Dr Paul Audi makes a filler of hyaluronic acid




In-depth visualization and examination of the skin

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