Mike Massy plays Jesus Christ on French Theater

© Mike Massy




The repertoire of Lebanese singer Mike Massy, ​​through his various interpretations is noticeable. His dream transcends Lebanese borders. He is an artist who formulates his music surpassing the narrow identity, addressing all mankind.

Mike Massy will play the key role in a play by Pascal Obispo and Christophe Barratier produced by Sony Music, following the announcement made at the Olympia during a press conference on Tuesday, March 28 in the presence of actors and directors as well as the French media.

It is a new and bold step in the career of Mike Massy, ​​he will play the role of Jesus Christ in the play Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem which will begin at the theater in November 2017.

Massy also said he is putting the final touches on his musical album, which will be available in the coming months and he will announce a tour in Lebanon and the Arab countries during the summer.




© Mike Massy

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