Aiicha Ramadan at Arab Fashion Week

Designer Aiicha Ramadan greeting the public. © Aiicha Ramadan


Beirut is known to be the capital fashion of the Middle East. As a Lebanese, why did you prefer to open your business in the United Arab Emirates? I live in Dubai since 32 years, I began to work in Charka before joining my parents established in Dubai, it’s my second country which made me open my business where I live.

Do you focus on reaching stars and celebrities with your brand? For sure! I have been dressing stars for sometimes now. The first star I dressed was Paris Hilton, then Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Aishwarya Rai. Later I started designing for oriental women.

What are your future dreams after being recognized in many countries? My dream is to create designs that can distinguish me from others and serve the public. It’s my ultimate objective.

Tell us about your new collection, is it classic, modern, what are your favorite colors? This collection includes swimwear, burkinis, kids wear and Ready Couture, under the theme of the sea and marine underworld, surely with the imprint of Aiicha in the collection.

What is your advice to young people who enter the fashion world? They need to be passionate to engage in the competition with an aim to reach in order to succeed in society an be useful for others.



© Aiicha Ramadan



© Aiicha Ramadan



© Aiicha Ramadan

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