Lynn Khoury Soubra

Prestige issue 284, June 2017


Natural beauty

Beauty is her passion. She wanted to share it with all those who are looking for natural products providing the skin with a constant youth and an incomparable bloom. The young Lynn tells us about the Clean Beauty, a new and magical formula that can be found at her boutique, Lynn’s Apothecary at Shehadé Street in the heart of Ashrafieh.


Lynn’s Apothecary is now located in Achrafieh Shéhadé street.© Lynn Khoury Soubra


Lynn’s Apothecary recently opened in Ashrafieh with a new vision of beauty: the Clean Beauty. Can you tell us about this formula? Clean Beauty is a new generation of products that is currently revolutionizing the beauty world. The concept is simple: these are natural products, with high performance, free of toxic ingredients often present in the usual care products. The formulas are natural, largely organic, with ecological production methods, the textures and packaging are luxurious, it is a unique experience. Advances in the search for natural products have provided these products with equal or better efficacy than conventional cosmetics, by generating a sensation of wellbeing and a unique and relaxing sensory experience. Adopting a Clean Beauty routine is the pleasure of a daily spa at home! The use on the skin of a product packed with beneficial effects and which will be absorbed without any risk by our epidermis is certainly reassuring. The «from farm to your face» mode is an added advantage, because the products are made continuously and in small quantities, which justifies their constant freshness on our skin, since the arrivals are frequent and regular! The results are obvious. Clean Beauty is uncompromising beauty!

How did you come up with this idea? On a personal level, I have always been what is called a «beauty junky»! I can spend hours in a beauty shop to squatter and test the products. A few years ago, wanting to make a change in my professional life, I was interested in the field of beauty. I started studying cosmetic sciences and I discovered amazed the number of ingredients with harmful side effects in our everyday care. Since then, I could no longer consider putting on my skin products containing this list of toxic ingredients. Not wanting to sacrifice my health for my beauty, I embarked on a quest to find healthy but effective products. It was then that I discovered the exciting world of Clean Beauty and I was immediately converted! My skin has never been so healthy and luminous. Since then I have been immersed in the research and study of these natural ingredients «super heroes» for the skin. It has become a real motivation and a chance for me to be able to combine my career with this unique, innovative and exciting field. I founded Lynn’s Apothecary, a unique beauty concept in Lebanon and in the region to showcase Clean Beauty through a selection of high-performance products.

What kind of relationships do you have with your clients? We develop friendly and special relationships with all our clients. We discuss, exchange tips and information … The space at the store has been designed to provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, so that clients can take their time to know and test the products. We also offer them a lot of samples to let them discover new products at home. We have created a community on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and our blog on our website through which we pass on our knowledge of Clean Beauty and discuss common problems that affect many of us.



© Lynn Khoury Soubra



How do you persuade clients to use your products? Once you try the Clean Beauty you cannot go back. I sincerely believe that adopting a Clean Beauty routine revolutionizes the health and appearance of our skin but also our wellbeing. Our products offered at the shop and on line follow a rigorous selection on two levels: they are efficient and non-toxic.

What sets you apart from other beauty shops? Our boutique is a «concept» beauty. That is to say, it is a highly sought after and initiated selection of products. Not all natural products are equal to the efficiency level. For example it took our star brand Tata Harper, 8 chemists who worked for 5 years to achieve a 100% natural product range with such efficiency and performance. And not all so-called natural and organic products are «clean». We study the composition thoroughly to ensure that there are no additions of harmful ingredients and test the products for their effectiveness and sensory pleasure. We are also very involved in everything that happens in the world of beauty at the international level. We attend many events and are part of several groups of professionals, pioneers in the beauty industry to always be at the top of trends and aware of discoveries and progress. We have new arrivals and new brands every month. This continual quest for the best is a great addition for our customers who discover in our shop the latest cult products from all over the world. On the other hand, we offer our clients personalized advice based on a thorough knowledge of each product and its natural ingredients. Our consultants have a professional training in biochemistry or cosmetics, which is an added value appreciated by our clients.

What products do you offer?Who are they for? We offer the full range of face care: cleansers, tonic waters, anti-aging creams, oils, serums, exfoliation etc. We also offer products for makeup, body and hair, solar products, deodorants and accessories. Our products are destined to those who become aware of their health and the products they use. Naturally those who are turned towards the bio but also those who are looking for care products and the latest trends in make-up.

What is your beauty advice for a serene summer under the sun? First and foremost protection. The choice of your screen is very important. Some tend to clog pores which can cause some problems especially with heat and sweat. Opt for a mineral screen, not a chemical screen. Also make sure it is free of nano particles easily absorbed by the skin. I always advise my clients to wash their face to remove their screen as soon as they have the opportunity and they are no longer exposed. Don’t be afraid of the sun! The sun is good for the skin and for the mood but do not overexpose yourself. Self-tanning is also an option for those who do not like to expose themselves to the sun or who do not have the time. The key is to opt for a natural product. For those who want to tan their body, a good exfoliation and a good hydration before exposure guarantee an excellent result. Consider protecting your hands and lips! Natural lipsticks in sublime colors can be found with SPF, keep in your bag a refreshing and moisturizing mist that you can spray on your face throughout the day. Choose light and non-greasy products in summer. The trend this summer is adopting the fresh and radiant look with illuminating powders and balsams that are a real success today. In the evening nourish and hydrate your skin, the oils for the face and the body are real vitamins for the skin and help to retain the hydration. But not just any oils! Finally drink plenty of water! A dehydrated body is also a dehydrated skin that causes fine lines and dull skin. Interview Conducted by MARIA NADIM

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