De Grisogono Summer Diaries

Porto Cervo Collection. © De Grisogono



De GRISOGONO loves colors, nuances and contrasts. Its favorite hues hark back to the roots of its creator: turquoise and emerald shades adorning the imposing stones set in the middle of a sparkling sea of diamonds. Among the destinations favored by Fawaz Gruosi, the Mediterranean serves as a creative backdrop providing the jeweler with an endless source of inspiration and expression. From the steps of the Cannes festival to the Eden Roc cliffs; from the shores of Capri – the island ‘gem’ set in the Bay of Naples – before setting foot on the Gruosi family’s fiefdom in Sardinia, where everything begins each year.



Capri Collection. © De Grisogono



In the bay of Naples, facing the Amalfi Coast, Capri flaunts its wild, dazzling and colourful identity in an unforgettable setting defining a location imbued with uniquely striking elegance. The senses are filled with scents of wisteria, orange blossom, citron and stone pine. Unique spots nestling in the heart of the cliffs, carpeted with the bright colours of bougainvillea, breathtaking views from Monte Solari of the Giardini di Augusto, looking out onto the “Faraglioni” rocks sculpted by time and the elements. Viewed from the surrounding waters, the Blue Grotto sea cave reveals its magnetic azure blue heart. Nature has blessed this place abundantly, and the elements have united the most striking colour combinations, precisely those with which the jewellery loves to play. This land of contrasts dares to express boldness in all its forms.



French Riviera Collection. © De Grisogono

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