German watchmaking in Beirut

Mr Sebastian Prinz, Mr Samer Khoury, Mr Dieter Pachner and Mr Jermen Lafaille. © Atamian


Looking back on a beautiful evening in June dedicated entirely to Excellence: Glashütte Original and Ets. Atamian were happy about the opportunity to co-host a splendid night in the exclusive setting of the Barbizon restaurant in Ashrafieh. Representatives of the German watchmaker and Atamian enjoyed a quality time with friends and selected VIP customers, over exquisite foods and beverages and indulged in conversations about German engineering, distinct design and exclusive timepieces.



Mr Aldo Akhrass, Mr Maroun Abi Aad, Mr Samer Dagher and Mr Barkev Atamian. © Atamian



Mr Aldo Akhrass, Mr Maroun Abi Aad. © Atamian



Mr Philip Mouzannar with Mrs Lena Bakalian and Mrs Roula Assaf. © Atamian



Mr Mher Atamian and Mrs Sara Abdel Sater. © Atamian



Mr Dieter Pachner and Mr Ziad Bachour. © Atamian



Mr Dieter Pachner with Mr and Mrs Jacques & Lucy Atamian. © Atamian



Mr Kazem Jundi with Mr Samer Dagher. © Atamian



Mr Mher Atamian and Mr Assad Dagher. © Atamian



Mrs Lena Bakalian and Mr Nabih Haddad. © Atamian



© Atamian



© Atamian



© Atamian

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