Rami Kadi Sweet Chaos Couture F/W 2017/18

Black and red geometric illusion dress. © Rami Kadi



Rami Kadi Fall Winter 2017-2018 Collection Sweet Chaos is a collection that explores unsettling chaos, confusion and the fragmentation of clarity.

Life is never clear-cut or certain. It tricks us. Surprises us. Catches us off guard. Assaults our senses.

Each creation in this couture collection translates this dizzying whirlwind of life into beautifully dazzling statements that showcase fine embroidery and handmade flair. Strikingly bold patterns reminiscent of optical illusions dominate.

Everything is still yet dynamic. Geometric lines intersect while thin and thick strokes open a clashing dialogue. It’s a daring blur that gets under your skin.

Black and white bases explode with turquoise, red, dark purple, royal blue and emerald green. Sheer tulle and light satin contrast with lushly thick velvet and leather. Flowing looks, princess cuts and fitted forms accentuate this potent rebellion against the illusion of order and pay tribute to the mesmerizing silhouettes of turmoil.

Imposing, intense, noticeable, and yet eternally feminine, this collection speaks loud and clear.



Bicolored optical Ball gown embroidered with sequins and glass beads. © Rami Kadi



Electrical blue asymmetrical draped neckline, with a pencil skirt geometrically embroidered with leather cut outs. © Rami Kadi



Black see through geometrical skirt, complimented with a fully embroidered bodice. © Rami Kadi



Deep V black bodice made with aluminium black foil with a PVC skirt. © Rami Kadi



Colored painted feathers embellishment ball gown. © Rami Kadi



The bride by Rami Kadi. © Rami Kadi

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