The World of Diamonds High Jewelry Collection by De Grisogono

Earrings and ring from High Jewellery Collection. © De Grisogono


A High Jewelry collection treating diamonds to the dazzling boldness of the Melody of Colors collection launched in 2012. This collection showcases the incredible scope of the talent displayed by Fawaz Gruosi in playing with cuts, shapes and textures, as well as the manner in which he reinterprets the great classics through powerful shapes, pure compositions, unexpected combinations, voluptuous volumes and perfect proportions. Creations with substantial carat weights whose originality and generosity naturally draw the gaze. Unique rings whose design and silhouette break free of any orthodox spirit.


Necklace from High Jewelry collection. © De Grisogono



Melody of Diamonds Collection


Earrings and rings melody of Diamonds Collection. © De Grisogono


Above and beyond conventions, diamonds are raised to iconic status, sculpted like the artwork of a lifetime. A Toi & Moi ring set with two oval- or emerald-cut diamonds; a heart-shaped centre stone; dainty borders of sapphires, emeralds or rubies; alternating stone cuts that infuse creations with a melodious rhythm… along with black rhodium plating profoundly accentuating the chiaroscuro House signature.

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