Roula Mezher

Roula Mezher plans innovating events to attract a large public. To begin with City Picnic organized at Beirut hippodrome which encountered a big success, than Retroville organized at Dream Park of Zouk Mosbeh. Interview with this young woman who finds genius ideas to entertain the youth of Lebanon.


Roula Mezher


Can you introduce us to Mindwhisk Events? Mindwhisk Events was founded in 2015 and quickly became a pioneer in creating concepts and events in Lebanon. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in events, and takes care of corporate events (gala dinners, product launches, activations) and concept festivals and concerts.

Can you describe the Retroville music festival that took place at Dream Park – Zouk Mosbeh? The Retroville Music Festival is a unique concept for the first time in Lebanon. It is inspired by music festivals organized in amusement parks. It is a city of happiness in which people play, dance and eat sweets.

How was the idea of ​​Retroville born? I attended a music festival in an amusement park outside of Lebanon and enjoyed the experience very much. I was inspired by this experience and I wanted to share it with the Lebanese scene. We added the retro theme of the pinup era of the 40s and we asked the participants to dress in retro outfits and colors.




How important is this event for Lebanon? Any event that transmits positive energy and a good mood is an added value for Lebanon. The Lebanese know how to have fun and we certainly know how to offer them this fun.

Thousands of people are expected for the second edition of the festival of colors this summer, especially after the success of the first edition. Can you give us more details about this second edition? In its first edition, the Holifestival of Colors gathered more than 10,000 people and the anticipation for this year is enormous!

What makes this event so successful? The unique concept of throwing colored powder into the air is appreciated by people. In addition, the event celebrates love, happiness and freedom and creates joyful and positive vibes!





Can we expect a third edition of City Picnic next year? In two years, City Picnic has become an indispensable event; we promise the Lebanese that it will be organized annually and will improve from one year to another.

What makes Mindwhisk Events so unique? The slogan of Mindwhisk Events is categorically opposed to everything that is typical and normal. This is the direction we adopt in our concepts. Until then, all our concepts are new, out of the ordinary, creative and happy – that’s what makes the difference between us and the event scene in Lebanon.




Are you planning for new events? We never stop – this is just the beginning! Two to three concepts per year is our current plan and we will continue to offer an exceptional experience to the Lebanese scene, with unique concepts and international artists.

Finally, can you tell us more about yourself? I can summarize my identity in a phrase «passionate about what I do». Although I graduated in food science, I quickly regained my passion for events and have been on the field since. When you love what you do, you become invincible! I have a long road ahead of me and I look forward to offering what I have.

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