Tribute to Lady Diana Princess of the hearts

Two covers of Prestige dedicated to the princess. © Prestige


Prestige has always covered Lady Di news, dedicating two covers to the princess: one in 1994 and another one in 1997 that coincided with her death.

Lady Di was a fashion icon, her appearances were of refined elegance, combining color and décolleté. The princess had a modern mannequin look.



© Prestige


When Lady Di appeared in public, all eyes were on her. © Prestige


In 1997, while she was in a getaway with her lover Dodi Al Fayed, son of an Egyptian billionaire on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Diana died on August 31st in Paris, with Dodi Al Fayed and the driver while leaving the Ritz, in a car accident under the Alma bridge.

Photos of her last love affair and last shots of the princess before her death.


Prestige followed the getaway of Lady Di with Dodi Al Fayed © Prestige


Prestige pages © Prestige


She was the preferred princess of the international press © Prestige







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