Role of Robotic surgery in medicine




Robotic surgery is an operation with the help of a robot that breaks the rules of traditional surgery and consolidates the precision of surgeons. The first surgery robot in the world was developed and used in Vancouver Canada in 1983. In 2000, the University of Ohio surgeons discovered the fields of intervention in surgery with the Da Vinci robot. Robotic surgery could be used in the removal of the prostate and the repair of the cardiac valve as well as surgical operations regarding the feminine genital apparel.

Robotic surgery authorizes surgeries in several parts of the body in less time, with more precision and less pain and complications for the patient, authorized to leave the hospital in a short period. As for the scars resulting from this surgery, they are extremely small, this kind of surgery providing a great precision with the 3D examination inherent to the robot.

It is necessary to clarify that in classical surgery, the hand of the surgeon is unable to penetrate in certain spots of the body, the robot’s arms operate with more precision and can access any part of the body. Surgical robotic operations are less painful than endoscope and quicker, the result is better and scars almost invisible, not exceeding 8 mm, with 4 points of suture realized by the four arms of the robot, which enables the patient to leave hospital in a short time. We will be witnessing soon the evolution of robotic surgery that will enable the removal of the gall bladder with a unique scar.

It is the surgeon who manipulates the robot and executes the movement with great precision. Without the surgeon the robot has no value.

One of the positive repercussions of robotic surgery is the preservation of the organs functions after the intervention, for example in the removal of the prostate, the robotic technology authorizes the man to keep an intact sexual life and to control his urinating capacity.

We cannot talk about robotic surgery without mentioning the Lebanese gynecologist Gaby Mouawad, whose name shined in the field of medicine, after obtaining the title of «Best doctor in the field of feminine surgery» in the United States in 2015. Dr Mouawad is not a simple gynecologist or obstetrician, but a leading figure in the field of feminine robotic surgery in the United States.

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