Nathalie Atamian

Prestige issue 287-288, Dec. 2017-Jan. 2018


An artist guided by passion

Nathalie Atamian is a Lebanese painter with a mastery in mixing colors and techniques. We had the occasion to see her artworks exhibited at Art of Living in Forum de Beirut. Let’s discover what art means to this painter.


«My New York City». © Archives Nathalie Atamian


What does art mean to you? Art is a universal language that has no boundaries. Through art, you can show your dreams to the world which you cannot express in words. As Edward Hopper said: «if you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.»

How did you get this passion for painting? My passion for painting started back when I was only four years old. My father traced in me the drawing techniques, after which I worked hard to improve my skills.

How do you describe the challenge in your work? Creating an admirable work of art is not easy. Giving shape and colors to what is on your mind is a challenge you have to accomplish. Every artist takes this challenge up and proceeds through the adventurous journey of creating his artwork.



The painter Nathalie Atamian. © Archives Nathalie Atamian



Where do you find inspiration? Many artists get inspired from their surroundings for designs, color-combinations or subjects. So, art makes you look at the world differently. You tend to see things which you could never see before, even if they were always present just there!

How do you describe your paintings? My paintings reflect the inner me, my personality and are truly a reflection of my soul. It motivates me when a piece of work provokes different reactions and feelings when viewed from different angles and by different people.

Tell us how do you feel when you are in the process of your work? Believe it or not, the moment you indulge deep into your artwork your thoughts change, your emotions change and the universe changes around you. You are the creator of the masterpiece on the blank white sheet in front of you. The feeling of creating something good is beyond explanation. The moments shared between you and your art are beautiful and everlasting.



«Silent Gathering». © Archives Nathalie Atamian



Are there strict guidelines in art? There are good artists who just work without a plan. Or artists who manage to make something brilliant even if the «plan» fails. Sometimes, even a mistake made while painting may lead to the creation of your next masterpiece… So we don’t care much about regulations and protocols in art. Just one thing is necessary, it should be done with passion! Conducted by Mireille Bridi Bouabjian


Rima Bohsali

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