Noudar Butterfly Collection

Prestige issue 289, Feb. 2018



© Noudar



Using 18ct rose, white and yellow gold, Noudar curates an Arabian world around her Butterfly collection. Gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies are infused with the noble heritage of the Islamic and Arabic culture. With the Butterfly collection, Noudar is yet to distance itself from the romantic yet daring aesthetic that it has brought with the brand from the very beginning. With a modern interpretation of henna designs and mosaics, she redefines the way in which butterflies can be worn by bringing an emphasis on a combination of femininity, fun and edgy. The Butterfly collection is graceful and easy-to-wear. Some of the pieces embrace simplicity with a single butterfly pendant whereas other pieces consist of a multi-butterfly and multi-colour bracelet. The collection provides a large enough range to be playful with and any piece can be styled with your mood. It’s undoubtedly a collection that gives you something to believe in. Glamorous, fun and feminine.



Bangle and Ring by Noudar. © Noudar



Earcuff by Noudar. © Noudar

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