Ode to a Volcanic Woman by Rani Zakhem

© Rani Zakhem


For his first couture fashion show in Paris, Rani Zakhem celebrates life and joy in incandescent metaphors. Fire is the essential element of this sumptuous yet relaxed collection, dedicated to a volcanic woman.
As devouring as ethereal, the sacred element comes in pyrotechnic explosions and cascades of gold, drawn by embroideries of arachnoid crystals of lava on the black of a sheath whose draped top splits into a deep “V” neckline.


© Rani Zakhem


© Rani Zakhem


A black silk satin kaftan, embroidered on the edges with gold sequins and flame patterns at the bottom, recalls Rani Zakhem’s native orient and plays the bond between his multiple cultures.


© Rani Zakhem


A delicate apotheosis of this fashion show, shaped in flowing lava and blazing fires, is the wedding dress, long and tight, in delicate whitish lace, emphasizes by its precious simplicity the minimalist bias of a collection with budding emotions.


© Rani Zakhem


We have selected some pictures of celebrities who were present at Rani Zakhem Fashion Show for Spring – Summer 2018.


Rani Zakhem with Florent and Azucena Pagny. © Rani Zakhem.


Rani Zakhem and Amanda Lear. © Rani Zakhem


Zivana, Rani and Maguy Zakhem. © Rani Zakhem


Rani Zakhem and Maria Nadim. © Rani Zakhem


Bilal Al Arabi, Florent and Azucena Pagny. © Rani Zakhem


Toni Breiss and Didier Costet. © Rani Zakhem

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