Tania Kassis sings Love

Video clip broadcasted on TV, the love song «Shu Mkhaba El Layl», interpreted by Tania Kassis, will be part of an album to be launched in February 2019. Under the charm of the new rhythmic style of the song, we made an interview express with the singer.



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1- Is your new song «Shu Mkhaba El layl» a solo song or part of an album? «Shu Mkhaba El Layl» is a solo song for now, but it will be part of my new album that will be hopefully released in February 2019.

2- You are mostly known for your religious and patriotic songs, does this song mean you are moving towards lighter subjects? True, but it’s not the first love song that I have. Indeed, my first album «Oriental Colors» included many love songs, among them one by the same composer Jad Mhanna, and one of them untitled «Chou Ma Sar» is the most popular abroad and on Soundcloud. It was one of the requested songs at my concert at Olympia in Paris. Love has always been a theme I like to sing. I just chose to have this time a more rhythmic style.

3- Can we say that you made this song because you are in love? I’m not at the time being, but I was when the song was composed a year ago. This song describes well different stages of a love story, mainly the beginning and all the excitement related to the mystery of its evolution…Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé


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