Hermès Boutique inauguration in Beirut

In the presence of Lebanese Prime minister Saad el Hariri, minister of Culture Ghattas Khoury, Hermès CEO Florian Craen and president of the Council of administration of Emile Hermès Sarl Henri Louis Bauer, Michèle and Nicolas Garzouzi reopened Hermès Boutique in Beirut under the sign of visual illusion.



© Roger Moukarzel



The theme, in accordance with the boutique extension from simple to double, animated the inauguration night. With games of reflections, the perception of the space changed to multiply at will, inviting the guests to look differently at the world. Variations of reality, optical illusions, and surprising effects were combined with lights of golden touches, as well as vegetal decorations with blond tonalities. A sparkling, oneiric, and generous scenography.



Prime minister Saad el Hariri with Nicolas Gharzouzi. © Hermès



Nicolas Gharzouzi, minister Ghattas Khoury, Michèle Gharzouzi, Florian Craen, Henri-Louis Bauer. © Hermès



© Roger Moukarzel



© Roger Moukarzel



© Hermès



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