Kamil Tanios: «Each artist has his own signature»

Hard worker and perfectionist, director Kamil Tanios is above all a talented artist dotted with ethics and humanity. Founder of the company Director’s Kcut specialized in shows, member of the Musical jury of the19th edition of the Murex d’Or, he tells Prestige about his passion for the profession, his rich path, and ambitions. Interview.



Complicity between Kamil Tanios and Annabella Hilal in the studio of Celebrity Duets. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



Kamil Tanios, director for TV programs, producer, director of video clips, concerts, festivals… What is your preferred title? I enjoy directing in every field: video clips, festivals, concerts … but my favorite is big variety show where I can express my personality and feelings the most, like «Celebrity Duets» and «Heik min Ghanni»«Mena w jerr» and many others…yet my title is «TV director».

After 20 years in the directing field, how would you summarize your path? I am blessed and lucky to work in my dream job…It’s my passion more than it is my job; very few get this chance in life. I worked very hard for 26 years to reach my goals and set my standards. The universe opened up its doors and I grabbed every single opportunity with hard work, faith and love…I aimed high and I reached! Thank god.

You have directed musical video clips for several Lebanese stars, which artist or artistic work marked you mostly? Many video clips marked me mainly because I used to pass a message through each one; I like one of my oldest video clips I did in my beginnings for Hani el Omari «Sahran» it was a challenge at a time … I like the freshness of Rami Ayach and Maya Diab «sawa» the picture in «Inta el hob» and many others…



The talented director Kamil Tanios. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



Kamil Tanios with the stars Carole Samaha, Melhem Zein, and Fares Karam. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



You are the owner and CEO of Director’s Kcut, what kind of services does your company provide? Yes, I am. Director’s kcut was created for specific purpose mainly to assist students in the show field, with practical courses to boost personal experience and empower knowledge and to orient them in real life and help them decide what they really like, by visiting studios and assisting a full show phases. We give directing courses, TV hosting, editing, etiquette… with experts in the field.

Orson Welles says: «A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet», how would you explain this sentence? Each director has his own and personal touch and signature…Unless one’s put his spirit and personality in the job, it can’t reach the mass audience and touch their hearts. To succeed each job has to hold a piece of its director.

What are the most important qualities a director should have? Hard worker…Perfectionist… team leader… determinant… high communication skills… understanding.



Kamil Tanios and the camera, a love story. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



Kamil Tanios in the studios. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



What are your ambitions for the future? Today I’m practicing everything I love hopefully in the near future I will be able to … film my first movie! I’m always open to new challenges…

You have also participated on several Arab festivals… yes, I did. In KSA, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Jordan, Morocco, Tunis and many others…

Do you think that Celebrity Duets at MTV made your reputation? Many shows helped boost and expose my name mainly …like «Dod al Tayyar» and «Heik min Ghanni» and «Celebrity Duets»…

You were awarded several prizes…I was awarded several times, last year Murex D’or for the best TV director, before that from Biaf, Director of the year and from Delta awards for «bel Hawa sawa» program and from Mbc group for «al ka2ss» program and many others and hopefully many to come.



Kamil Tanios holding his Murex d’Or trophy in 2018. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



You are a member of the Murex d’Or Musical Jury. What is the importance of this prize? Murex d’Or is a yearly event that is known by everyone in the Middle East and most importantly trusted. I am a jury member at Murex D’Or that is composed of top professionals in different fields to come up with elite selection for prizes distribution. Murex D’Or goes for artists, musicians, actors, directors, doctors, and engineers…Anyone who excels in his job and I’m proud of being part of the process. Murex D’Or is selectively designated to elite and hard workers who marked during the year, this is its importance. Not to mention that I was honored to receive that prize last year for all my works and shows. Murex D’Or is always an addition in anyone’s library.

How did you keep such solid relations with a number of celebrities? I am on good terms with all celebrities, we have mutual interests. I give them the best image, they give me their trust and amazing performance, respect, and friendship always bring us together.

Which friendship is the dearest to your heart? I am on excellent terms with all-stars and celebrities with no exception, I always make sure to stay on excellent terms with everyone in my life in the field and in my personal life.



Kamil Tanios with Michel Murr. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



And the greatest love of your life? My love goes to my wife Marielle and my sweet daughters Lynn and Liv.

Would you encourage your children to follow your path? I would encourage my daughters to follow their dreams whatever they are.

What is your principal trait of character? I am too silent and drained at work.

What is the quality you prefer in your friends? Honesty

What is your dream of happiness? Everything I am and have today!

Who is your hero in life? My hero every minute of every day is Jesus, I trust him blindly and count on him in my life’s details.

What do you hate overall? Liars and fake people

What is your motto in life?  I’m free so I’m responsible



Kamil Tanios with the jury of Celebrity Duets: Oussama Rahbani, Mona Abou Hamze, and Simon Asmar. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



What about your childhood dreams? Well, the dream became reality! It was to be who I am today in all aspects…

What is the most beautiful compliment you received? My favorite compliment is not being the best director or the number one as many would expect, I love it when people praise my manners, morality, and ethics. My human self and nature comes above every success.

What is your most beautiful memory? My best memory is the birth of my daughters… and every single success I achieved.

What would you change in the world with a magical wand? I would make it more peaceful with fewer haters, envious and evil souls and intentions.



Kamil Tanios with family, his wife Marielle, his daughters Lynn and Liv. © Archives Kamil Tanios.



If you weren’t Kamil Tanios, whom you would have loved to be? Kamil Tanios

A natural gift you would love to have? I love gifts in all sizes and shapes and nature.

In which country you would love to live? If I could choose I would choose … Lebanon Again…Interview Conducted by

Marcelle Nadim.

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