Julien Farhat: «Murex d’Or opens new horizons.»

His role in the movie «Halla2 Lawein» by Nadine Labaki made him famous. His main role in the TV series «True Love», alongside Pamela el Kik, earned him the prestigious Murex d’Or … Julien Farhat, the talented artist, confides to Prestige about his vision and ambitions.



© Julien Farhat.




  • Why did you choose to be an actor? My choice to be an actor is related to my childhood. As a child, I watched television and wondered how I could be in my life an engineer, a race pilot, an air pilot, a firefighter, a policeman … I found that acting enabled me to play all kinds of characters and to live various experiences. On the other hand, I have always loved people, wanted to attract their attention, share with them every moment of my life. To be famous allows me to communicate with the public without difficulties.


  •  You recently played a lead role in «True Love» with actress Pamela el Kik. What are the echoes you had about this series? Concerning «True Love», the echoes of the audience were unanimous. Whether young or old, cultivated or not, the public believes that Pamela el Kik and I form a harmonious couple on the screen where alchemy operates. The characters are successful, and their interaction is fabulous. These positive echoes pushed the public to claim us together in other projects.


  •  You were among Golden Night guests to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the Murex d’Or. In your opinion, what is the added value of a prize received in an artist’s career? It depends on the prize. Murex d’Or is a recognized prize. The artist who wins a Murex d’Or will see his opportunities to play roles doubled, his fees will be increased. On a personal level, I consider that receiving an award is a kind of recognition, which implies that one is appreciated by his colleagues and by his fans.


  •  Are there any stars with whom you would like to collaborate in the future? I don’t have in my mind any particular names, but I prefer to avoid playing with some pretentious, that I will not name in the media. I would rather collaborate with good, respectful actors, doing a professional job, such as Badih Abu Chacra, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Diamand Bou Abboud, Christine Choueiri. From an artistic point of view, they have something to present to the public. I repeat my intention to work with everyone who does this job.


  •  What is the role of your dreams? I dream to play the role of a hero in action, someone who experienced the hardships of life, who suffered. Of a man whose life does not lack excitement, police adventures, shots. I would also like to play the role of a psychopath, a villain, a murderer. I consider myself capable of working on the contradictions of such a seemingly innocent character, while inwardly he is deeply naughty.


  •  What are your future projects? I received proposals from Algeria and Egypt that I could accept. In Lebanon, I have some problems with the production houses, the reason why I do not want to collaborate with them actually. There is an option to travel to work abroad, and another to prepare with my fans a stand-up live comedy, either in the theater or through social networks, without the intermediary of a producer. I have many fans in the Arab world and I am satisfied with my path. Interview Conducted by Rita Saadé

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